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Do you want to be a guest on podcasts?

The Podcast Connector can help!

First and foremost, The Podcast Connector (TPC) is there to provide introductions to podcasters and ensure you are ready to be the best guest you can be. TPC is all about Trust and Quality.

Both the podcaster and the podcast guest need to trust that the introductions made are focused on providing quality matches. No mass contacting as many podcasts as possible and hoping that some land. Instead I use a combination of the information provided by guests and podcasters and research to identify suitable matches.

Second, it is not just about introductions. The goal is to help you be a confident and successful guest. Coaching and training is provided on different topics. 

Third, making the most of being on a podcast is critical. So not only will you promote your appearance, so will TPC. This will include notifying your fellow TPC members so that they have the option to promote your episode as well. This amplifies your reach and the reach of the podcast overall.


This was great, I already feel clearer on my pitch. Thank you!
CM, Founding Member

What do you get?

Quality Introductions
Quality introductions to podcasters that are aligned with your journey.
Two extended group calls
You begin with 2 extended group sessions to allow us to Clear the Decks, Set Your Destination and Plan your Route
Pitch Development
Training, advice and support in identifying what makes you unique that can be used for pitching to podcasts.
121 Session
Following the extended group sessions, we arrange a one to one to review and refine your destination and your pitches.
Monthly Group Coaching
Each month we hold your Marina Evolvere coaching call. This is a combination of training and sharing - allowing you to become the best podcast guest you can be and to learn from your fellow Connectors.
Episode Promotion
The Podcast Connector will promote your episode on LinkedIn and Instagram helping to amplify your reach.
I've been shouting about you and this service you provide to anyone who will listen, it's great!
KW, Founding Member
Business Owner / Founder

How Does It Work?

Using the Modus EvolvereTM Methodology, we get you started across a combination of group calls and a 121 session. First we Clear the Decks, Set Your Destination and Plan Your Route. Then we set sail for your destination! Once we set sail, you’ll have the option of joining regular group calls (Marina Evolvere – your yacht club!) which provide training and a chance to meet your fellow connectors.

The Modus EvolvereTM Methodology

Clearing the Decks

Clearing the decks is all about looking at what might be getting in your way of being a podcast guest. It may be that you just don’t have the time to research podcasts yourself, or perhaps you don’t know where to start looking. Alternatively maybe you want to be a guest but aren’t sure what you’d talk about or if you’d be any good. 

We also look at why you want to be a guest on a podcast. This is a bit of a braindump of anything you’re thinking about and then we can decide what we should discard, what we take forward and where we need to do some more work!

Setting Your Destination

In setting your destination, we take your braindump from Clearing the Decks and begin to pull out what’s important, what does success look like for you. Remember for each of us it is different! It could be the number of podcasts, increased visibility, sharing your story, helping others. We investigate what you will actually get from being on podcasts and then set your individual destination.

Planning Your Route

Now that we know where you’re going, it’s time to plan your route. We’ll look at what types of podcasts are going to help you reach your destination and develop mini-pitches for the different topics that you cover. These can be quite wide ranging as we try to look beyond the obvious!

Part of planning your route is also looking at what areas you may want to build your confidence in or what you need to put in place – e.g. your bio, how you will promote your episodes, making the most of your voice and so on.

Setting Sail

Now that we’ve planned your route, we’ll start the trip! I will start looking for podcasts that are a good match for you. This is a combination of looking at podcasters who I already work with and researching other podcasts to find opportunities.

You will continue working on and building your pitches, attending the group calls which combine training and community to support you along your journey.


Now, in reality you are going to stop at more than one port along the way to your ultimate destination! Each podcast introduction will allow you and the podcaster to decide if you are a good match. 

Once you’ve set the date for recording and the podcaster lets you know the release date, we make sure we promote your episode for you as well as sharing it with your fellow connectors so that they can like and comment when appropriate!

Just wanted to say a big thank you for connecting me with xxxxxxxx, I've just recorded my podcast with them and they were lovely!
KW, Founding Member
Business Owner / Founder

How much does it cost?

£45 per month plus VAT
15% discount on 6 month subscription
Minimum four month membership

Join now ...

Note: Prices will include VAT on payment screen.

If you are based in the US or Canada, please contact me for a separate link so that you do not pay VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically you will get 2-3 introductions in the first 120 days. This can vary from person to person and also depends on what you are looking for. There is a balance between making the introductions, not overwhelming the podcaster with introductions and also ensuring that you have the capacity to not only be a guest but promote your episode so that you get the most from it.

We have two different introduction styles – Managed and Self Service. 

Managed works with podcasters who are either already working with us or who we are able to contact and establish a direct connection with. In this case, once a possible match is identified, the podcaster is contacted and I let them know why you would be a good guest for them. It all remains anonymous at this point so there is no awkwardness if you happen to connect at a later point or already know one another! If they are interested, I then contact you to tell you a little about the podcast and see if you are interested. Once you’ve both agreed, I make the introduction I leave you to have a call to decide if you want to go ahead with a guest appearance.

Self Service is a little different. The research to find the podcast is the same but I haven’t been able to directly contact the podcaster. This is generally because they have a process for applying to be on their podcast that doesn’t provide for a direct introduction. In this case, as I don’t want to spam them or for them to feel spammed, I tell you about the podcast and if you’re interested, provide links to the their request form so that you can provide them with all the relevant information.

At the beginning, there will be 2 group coaching calls of 90 minutes each, followed by a 121 of 60 minutes. After that the regular Marina Evolvere calls commence. These are 50 minutes and provide a combination of training and support. You will also need to spend some time working on your pitches. Recording and promoting your episode will also need time set aside.

Like most things, we need to lay some ground work to establish what podcasts and topics are going to be a good fit for you. Combining this with lead times typically starting from 2 months plus to be booked on a podcast from the contact with the podcaster we estimate that it may be 3-4 months to start getting introductions. Prior to that we are researching and looking for opportunities which are a good match for you. 

We have a minimum initial membership period to allow time to get the decks cleared, your destination set and your route planned as well as taking into account researching podcasts and the lead time between contacting a podcaster and getting to a recording and subsequent release. 

All calls are recorded so you can watch back and I’ll send an email out with anything you need to do so that you are progressing on your journey.

Well, no. When you meet the podcaster, you may decide it’s not a good fit for lots of reasons – perhaps there is no chemistry, or when you discuss topics further you decide it isn’t quite what you are looking for. Equally, the podcaster may also decide that it’s not a good fit. After all you both want to be getting the best out of any guest appearances!

You can always say no. I’ll tell you about the podcast before making an introduction – this is your first chance to decline. When you meet with the podcaster, you may decide that it’s not working for you – perhaps there’s no connection or you don’t like the style or any other reason. Either of you can decide not to proceed. This is fine. Again, we’re looking for quality and quality doesn’t mean that every introduction leads to a guest appearance. 

This can feel a little tricky so I’m glad you asked! Obviously, I’d love for them to be a Podcast Connector but it may not be right for them and I don’t want them or the podcaster to miss out, so go ahead and make the introduction. It would be great if you could connect them with me so we can have a chat about The Podcast Connector. 

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