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4 Reasons Why Starting a Podcast is a Good Thing!

When I started my first podcast several years ago, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to get out of it. Podcasts had been around for ages but weren’t mainstream at that stage and I really started as a way to use my voice which I’d wanted to do for a long time.

As I got more into podcasting, I realised that there were benefits to my business and myself. I expanded my network through interviewing business owners and established my credibility. Someone wrote to me at one point and said they’d been looking at my body of work.  ‘Body of work!?’ I thought, ‘I don’t have a body of work’. Then, as I thought about it more, I realised that I did. I’d never seen it that way before.

Reasons You May Not Have Started Your Podcast

As my podcasting journey continued, I began speaking with more people about podcasting and realised that there are two groups (in general) who are considering starting a podcast.  

The first group wants to start but sees all the hurdles and can’t find a way around them. They might hate the sound of their own voice (they are not alone – many of us are supercritical about how we sound), or they’re scared that it is going to be beyond them technically, or they don’t know what you will talk about or whether anyone will listen. These are all legitimate hurdles and I’ll talk about how to overcome them in later blog posts.

The second kind of wants to do it but also feels they should because so many others are and they aren’t sure there’s a value in it.  They’re probably finding it difficult to make time for it. This might be complicated by the same fears that the first group is experiencing – all making it harder to just get going with your podcast.

It’s the second group’s concerns that I’m addressing today. Is there a benefit to podcasting? Absolutely yes!  

So let me share 4 reasons why starting a podcast is a good thing! 

Establish your credibility
Develop a strong relationship with your audience
Repurpose your content
Reach new audiences

Establish your credibility

Something that potential clients look for is credibility – do you really know what you’re talking about? Why should they listen to you?

With each episode, you start to build your body of work. You demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Your personality comes across. If you have guests, you relationship with those guests further establishes your position and skills.

Your podcast helps establish your credibility without them needing to sign up for a webinar or give you their email address. It’s a no-commitment start to your relationship! I don’t know about you but it takes quite a lot for me to sign up to webinars or freebies these days. I question whether I really want the sales pitch, do I want my inbox filled with tons of emails and only if I’m really interested do I sign up. Your podcast overcomes this aversion as they don’t have to commit to you. 

As they listen to you, they start to build a relationship with you – a strong relationship – and that takes us to point 2!

Develop a strong relationship with your audience

There is something to be said for just listening to someone. I find that I tend to listen more closely. I hear the little nuances in their voice and the emotion that they can’t quite hide. I’m not distracted by watching something. And yet, I can be doing something else. Many people report that they listen while driving or walking. And it’s time away from looking at a screen.

As your audience listens to you, they start to build that relationship. They feel that they know you and they’ll figure out if they like you and, more importantly, do they trust you? Starting a relationship with someone you already know, like and trust makes a huge difference. When they make the leap to become your client, in their minds, they’ll already have bonded with you. That getting to know you stage will be much briefer.

And of course, some will figure out that they don’t like you and that is absolutely fine! You eliminate them from your list without needing to spend any time to do so.

Reach new audiences

A quick search on Google shows that there are 464.7 million podcast listeners globally. And you need to reach a tiny percentage of them to have a successful podcast. According to Buzzsprout in July 2023, if your podcast is downloaded 31 times within 7 days of an episode releasing, you are in the top 50% of podcasts. 31 downloads! That’s it. That’s amazing isn’t it!  And, if you get 114, you are in the top 25%! Top 25%! Out of that 464 million, you just need to find 31 to already be in the top 50%. How hard can that be?

It’s really important, to keep these numbers in mind as it is all too easy to compare ourselves to those we perceive as successful and then feel like it won’t work for us. But they are the exception, don’t measure your success against theirs. Measure against your own.

And they don’t have to know you or be geographically close. They can be anywhere in the world – so long as they have access to the internet, they can access your content. 

Now, let’s be realistic, the odds of you building an audience of millions are probably pretty slim but that doesn’t matter. Every person you reach outside your normal circle is another connection. Another person to believe in you and your message. To spread your message for you.


Repurpose your content

This is a great benefit of a podcast – it can be both the source of marketing material and also the output of other work you’ve done. 

For example, you can take a video and convert it into a podcast episode. You can:

  • turn your podcast into a video.
  • write a blog on a topic in your podcast; or 
  • create a podcast on a topic in your blog
  • build marketing materials around the content – snippets for Instagram and reels, quotes to post, excerpts and so much more.

A podcast becomes part of your marketing – supporting and building awareness and your audience. Irrespective of whether the podcast itself ever directly makes you money, it will be a key feature in your business success.

In Summary

Podcasts have truly come into their own and seem to be here to stay. Starting your podcast can bring you great benefits and they deliver your message to their ears with your voice! So take a look at the benefits and decide – is it worth it for you?  If so, move it up that list and get going with your very own podcast.

Still seeing all the other hurdles and worrying about how to overcome them, check out the next blog posts that will help you find ways around or over!

Can’t wait or don’t want do it alone? Drop me an email and let’s talk about how I can help. 

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